These restaurants offer gluten free dining options in Lincoln. Always check with the server or restaurant manager when ordering to ensure items are gluten free. Don’t forget to ask about cross-contamination! Call ahead to speak to a manager before you get there.
  • SportsCasters Bar & Grill (3048 N 70th St) Menu (PDF) Website
  • Mazatlan (211 North 70th Street) Menu (PDF) Website (Urbanspoon)
  • Las Magaritas (2700 Jamie Lane) Menu (PDF) Website (Urbanspoon)
  • Venue (4111 Pioneer Woods Drive) Website
  • Outback Steakhouse (633 North 48th Street) Website
  • Fireworks (5750 South 86th Drive) Menu Website
  • Lazlo’s (710 P Street and 5900 Old Cheney Road) Menu Website
  • Wendy’s (2615 South 48th Street, 930 North 48th Street, 1336 Q Street, 3210 Cornhusker Hwy) Menu Website
  • Godfather’s Pizza (5220 S. 48th Street) Menu Website
  • Valentino’s (30th St. & Pine Lake Rd.)
  • Blue Sushi Sake Grille (808 R Street STE 200) Menu Website
  • Shen Cafe (3520 Village Drive Suite 100) Website
  • Dedicated fryers maybe available at Red Robin and Honest Abe’s.
  • also ask, if the grills cook gluten-containing foods?
  • See www. beyondceliac.com, website for handout with more information entitled, ” Hot spots at the Restaurant”.


Southeast Community College – College Inn Restaurant (8800 O St Room U-4) Contact Marcia Blender 402-437-2446 or mblender@southeast.edu to request a gluten free meal)

If you have restaurant suggestions leave us a comment!

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