These restaurants offer gluten free dining options in Lincoln. Always check with the server or restaurant manager when ordering to ensure items are gluten free. Don’t forget to ask about cross-contact! Call ahead to speak to a manager before you get there. This is not a guarantee that the restaurants are following gluten-free protocols.
  • SportsCasters Bar & Grill (3048 N 70th St) Website
  • Mazatlan (211 North 70th St) https://www.grubhub.com/Website grubhub
  • Las Magaritas (2700 Jamie Lane Website – Toast to order
  • Venue (4111 Pioneer Woods Drive) Website
  • Fireworks (5750 South 86th Drive Website
  • Lazlo’s (710 P Street and 5900 Old Cheney Road) Website
  • Valentino’s (30th St. & Pine Lake Rd.)
  • Shen Cafe (3520 Village Drive Suite 100) Website
  • Cactus (owned by Pillar Restaurant group): Website
  • Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom (4 locations): Website
  • Red Robin: Website
  • Sultan’s Kite (14th & Pine Lake location is open, downtown to reopen later this year): Website
  • Piedmont Bistro by Venue-1265 Cotner Blvd # 38:Website

Download the app, Find Me Gluten Free, both for discovering safe places to eat and for reporting experiences so that others may learn from it: https://www.findmeglutenfree.com/

See  Beyond Celiac.org for more education on Dining out  entitled, “Hot spots at the Restaurant”.

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