Gluten Detective Test Kits are now Available at Hy-Vee on 84th St.

I recently received this email from Beyond Celiac about accidental exposure to gluten in a gluten free diet:

The gluten-free diet is proving to be an ineffective treatment for celiac disease as complete gluten avoidance is in practicality nearly impossible. Increasingly, gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP) testing in urine and stool is being used to reveal exactly what that exposure is. A recent study found:
Average inadvertent exposure to gluten by CD individuals on a GFD was estimated to be ∼150–400 (mean) and ∼100–150 (median) mg/d using the stool test and ∼300–400 (mean) and ∼150 (median) mg/d using the urine test. The analyses of the latiglutenase data for CD individuals with moderate to severe symptoms indicate that patients ingested significantly >200 mg/d of gluten.
These surrogate biomarkers of gluten ingestion indicate that many individuals following a GFD regularly consume sufficient gluten to trigger symptoms and perpetuate intestinal histologic damage.
The medical and research communities are also taking notice of this new technology. In a recent publication in GUT, 19 out of 19 celiac disease experts recommend GIP monitoring as an essential tool in monitoring the effectiveness of treating celiac disease.
Letting you know that Hy-Vee on 84th St, is now selling the  Gluten Detective monitoring kits for blood and stool analysis. The cost is $25.99 kit. You would purchase either the blood or urine test kit, see table below. Please go to Pharmacy to purchase. They are located on the bottom shelf of the OTC section. Here is the link to more information on the test.
I would keep 5 day food records prior to taking the test to identify potential culprits, if you need a assistance with your detective work let me know.
Becky Guittar, RD, LMNT

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