Dr. Thompson also shared Gluten-free Elimination Diet

I had a few members request Dr. Thompson’s slide on the Gluten-free Elimination Diet. He kindly sent that to me to share with members on the website. He was discussing Refactory Celiac Disease. If GI symptoms do not improve on your strict gluten-free diet,  or you have evidence of  elevated TTG antibiodies not improving, you might consider this elimination diet for a trial period.

Food group Allowed Not Allowed
Grains Plain, unflavored, brown or white rice Millet, sorghum, buckwheat, or other inherently gluten-free grain, seeds or flours


Fruits and vegetables  

All Fresh fruits/vegetables


Frozen, canned or dried
Proteins Fresh meat, Fresh fish, eggs

Dried beans, unseasoned nuts in the shell


Other processed, self-basted, cured meat products
Dairy Butter, yogurt (unflavored), milk (unflavored), aged cheeses


Seasoned or flavored dairy products
Condiments Oil, vinegar, honey, salt Flavored and malt vinegars


Beverages 100% fruit or vegetable juice

Gluten-free supplemental formulas

Gatorade, Milk, Water


Source : Hallon et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2013:13:40.


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