Dr. David Thompson on Celiac Disease and Dietary Supplements


Dr. David Thompson "Getting off to a good start with Celiac Disease"

Dr. David Thompson
“Getting off to a good start with Celiac Disease”


One to the many good points that Dr. Thompson made at the last meeting was about Dietary Supplements more precisely herbal supplements. I wanted to make sure members knew the dietary supplements that were investigated.  What the research showed was that 5 of the 24 samples contained wheat!  And only 5 of the 24 samples truly had the DNA or genetic materials for the herb.  The dietary supplements included ginko, ginseng, garlic, valerian root, saw palmetto, St. John’s wort and Echinacea. The research did not include mulit-vitamins, Calcium  or Vitamin D supplements. The dietary supplments or herbs investigated make claims that they are  used for the immune system, for energy, memory, sleep and depression disorders. Here is a link to the story.




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